With the Game Developers Conference (GDC) right around the corner, I am excited to see what the conference will bring this year as last year was a blast.

Unity3D Tool

On the list of things is the Unity3D booth. Unity is a tool for video game development that has taken the international gaming industry by storm. This rather intuitive tool for a gaming engine allows for publishing to multiple platforms, consoles, and devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). I joked at GDC last year that it should have been called UDC (Unity Developer Conference).

Another item of excitement will be the examples shown using Microsoft’s Kinect device.

This hands free controller is another technology that is booming in popularity. More info on the device can be found here.

Now imagine taking these two disruptive technologies and connecting them. That is what Esimple Studios did a few weeks back and they posted the video on their blog of a Unity3D scene controlled with a Kinect device. A really nice example!

Unity3D and Kinect

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