…with a smooth frame rate and built on open web technologies. The IGD team at Fraunhofer, a German research institute, is doing some really amazing things regarding delivering high polygon count web3d scenes on mobile devices using WebGL and X3Dom. X3Dom is a framework for integrating and manipulating X3D scenes as HTML5/DOM elements. Pat yourself on the back if you… Read More

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network with more than 175,000,000 members in over 200 countries, recently updated their Android and combo iPhone plus iPad apps, to entice mobile users for more engagement. Their website will be rolling out similar features to its users over the next few weeks. Real-time is a must in today’s… Read More

This post was written by Christopher Rauschnot and was originally posted to Pin This. Pinterest Releases Android and iPad Apps. You can follow him on Twitter @24k & @24kMedia and the 24kMedia Facebook Page Social networking site Pinterest, is on a roll with app releases. Their first-ever Android app, at 1.0.2, along with a newer… Read More

This is a cool project I came across from MIT’s Media Lab. T(ether) is an experimental app that combines gestural interfaces, computer vision, and collaboration into an experience straight our of a sci-fi movie. Creators Matthew Blackshaw, Dávid Lakatos, Hiroshi Ishii, and Ken Perlin call T(ether) “a tool for spatial expression” that “acts as a… Read More

Just saw this on tuow.   They say it will be out soon, but no date. What I do not understand is why wait so long?  I guess it took the release of iPad2 to finally push them enough to build it.  So stay tuned. From tuow: A few features in the full PC/Mac app didn’t… Read More

I had to share these 2 items that leverage innovative tools and technologies to tell better stories. First is Our Choice, an interactive e-book by Al Gore.  Our Choice is an interactive 400-page book with videos, photos, and info-graphic content that illustrates how powerful interactive story telling can be. It was developed in collaboration with… Read More

With the Game Developers Conference (GDC) right around the corner, I am excited to see what the conference will bring this year as last year was a blast. On the list of things is the Unity3D booth. Unity is a tool for video game development that has taken the international gaming industry by storm. This… Read More

Last month I blogged and shot a video showing off a Black Eyed Peas augmented reality app I made using Metaio’s Junaio platform. At the time, I was surprised that Metaio didn’t share or retweet with their community this app I made as they usually do with work that others do with their platform and… Read More

Yup.  Skyfire for the iphone came out a while back and it was so popular, its pretty much crashed their server.  They got it back up after awhile.  So the next big wait is for an iPad version. And its out. Here is the direct link to iTunes. Its 5 bucks.  Not bad if you… Read More

So lets say you decided to get an iPad.  And you did not get the 3G iPad with GPS on it because you wanted to save a few bucks.  Out of luck?  Not really.  There is a way to turn that iPad into the coolest GPS turn by turn device ever.  How? Buy a cheap… Read More

Crazy.  You can now jailbreak and UNLOCK iOS4  for the iphone4 ipad from the web browser.  Now this is not new news per say, but there have been some issues with the current jailbreak in that some people have been experiencing problems with MMS and Facetime. As I always advise my readers, NEVER jailbreak right… Read More

Just in time for the world cup eh?  I just came across the video for this and it looks pretty cool. Supports single player and two players.  And I guess 4 players if you don’t mind crowding around the thing. The physics and movement reaction looks pretty good for being a flat surface.  I once… Read More

Yes folks!!!  Sick and tired of having to put down your beer to click something on your ipad??  Hate having to reach up to the table when your ipad is set up like a monitor?  Have you had it with smudge marks??  Cant get the ‘chessie poofs’ dust off the screen??? Well those days are… Read More

The iPad just got its official jailbreak with ‘Spirit’ from MuscleNerd. WIN! Now many of my top jailbreak apps for the iphone does not make sense for this version of the ipad since it does not have a camera, but we all know the next version will. … Read More

I’m really surprised I get this question.  I was asked 3 times and I figured I would write a short post on the answer. YES..   Ok, now ‘why’ its yes.. You do NOT have to jailbreak you iPad to tether.  You only have to jailbreak the iPhone.  (if you are using an iphone that is) … Read More

A challenger appears!!  The Great Tablet War continues.  Apple was the first major player on the field and completely destroyed all competitors to the point that we cannot even remember their names…  But that dominance will only hold for so long. On Engadget (who else) we have a leak of the new HP Slate.  And… Read More

So this is fun. We all know the big win with the iPad is the large screen; yes I know, its just an over-sized iPod touch, but still, that size change makes all the difference. For me, it will be game play (which I do not have time for anymore ) reading (and please no… Read More