Jailbreak the ipad?  Oh yea!  From what I’ve heard, we should have a blackra1n or some other jailbreaking or pwning tool pretty soon after the ipad hits the street.  I would guess the iPad is going to run some form of 3.1.3 or perhaps we should just call it 3.2 because you know they will… Read More

Well sure!!  Why didn’t I think of this??  Back in the jailbreak days we have some really cool little music apps to play with.  My favorite was the guitar. But like all the instruments, there really want much you could do with the small screen. Well now that is no longer an issue and a… Read More

This just came up in TechCrunch so I’m sure my email will be along soon.  Apple is now opening up the door for iPad applications March 27.  So..  How many apps will be NEW and and how many will be existing apps just reformatted for the iPad?  Hmm… Almost all? Well, at least at first. … Read More

I’ve been using tablets for years.. Years!  So when the Kindle first came out, my first reaction was, meh.  Partly because of the price point, and partly because I knew that something that focused on text and ignored rich media was simply too one dimensional of a device.  I have friends that have kindles, and… Read More

The hype pad, or iPad as its called, is ready for purchase on April 3.  I do not expect the madness that the first iPhone created, more like when the 3gs came out.  I think you will have some overnightsers and I would expect a good set of lines on the first day since April… Read More

There is no question that the iPhone has been an amazing success and only its At&T appendage has slowed it down from even further adoption. As great as the hardware is, just as much if not more of the credit has to go to the OS. Even after 2 years the iPhone OS is still… Read More

To no big surprise, the IPAD does not seem to be catching fire as apple had hoped and as such, price drop is already being thrown around. One mostly hears dropping the price by $50 to $75.   I’m not sure that is going to be enough. In a past post, I said that perhaps $300… Read More

We pick up in the war after the CrunchPad came and went, various ‘tablets’ from other manufactures have taken up position on the field.  Apples iPad is the first heavy into battle, and with great surprise, not to much effect.  The general reception to the iPad has been even at best.  Now comes Googles tablet,… Read More

The apple iPad is finally out. And it’s pretty much what we expected; a really big and hyper powered iPhone/iPod.  Anyway, all in all, that’s ok. So why am I not buying one? Well it’s because I already have an iPhone. Now, if I was a big iPhone game player, we would be having a… Read More