Jailbreak the ipad?  Oh yea!  From what I’ve heard, we should have a blackra1n or some other jailbreaking or pwning tool pretty soon after the ipad hits the street.  I would guess the iPad is going to run some form of 3.1.3 or perhaps we should just call it 3.2 because you know they will have changes here and there.

Most of you know about my top ten jailbreak app list. https://www.perivision.net/wordpress/?p=734

So I took a look and thought, ok which of these apply to the ipad?  Surprisingly, only 4 out of 10. So just from my old list; here are the top application for get when you jailbreak you iPad:

1. SBSettings:  I think this ‘should’ still work on the iPad.  Of course, if you do not have 3G, so of the buttons will not work, but I would expect an update to this app to deal with it.

2. Categories:  I’m  not sure this is a needed since we have such a large screen with the iPad, but if you decide to put OS X desktop widgets (another jailbreak capability) on your desktop, then having folders could be useful

3. PDANet:  I STILL love this app.  It allows you to tether your laptop to you iphone.  I’m not sure this will work with the iPad’s new OS, but I’m pretty confident this app will be updated no too long after the iPad comes out.

4. (From number 10) Winterboard.  Right now, all of the Winterboard designs are for the iphone, but you watch, a few weeks after this is out, there will be a FLOOD of new design.

So what happened to the rest?  They are all around the camera and UNIX tools which I’m thinking of dropping from the list.  So later this week I will create a new top 10 list of jailbreak apps for the iPad. I already know VNC or some sort of RDC ( remote desktop access) will be there.

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