To no big surprise, the IPAD does not seem to be catching fire as apple had hoped and as such, price drop is already being thrown around. One mostly hears dropping the price by $50 to $75.   I’m not sure that is going to be enough. In a past post, I said that perhaps $300 would be a good price, $400 depending on the extras. To make that price we would need a drop of $150 I’m not sure Apple wants to do that.  But a price drop does seem likely. $50? I’m afraid that may not be enough. $150? Well, Apple may not WANT to, but keep in-mind there has been talk of an IPad2 which would be far more powerful then the current IPAD, so in order to move product, and justify the higher price (perhaps 550-750)?  don’t be surprised. The  current IPAD at $300 AND the ability to Jailbreak so I can do remote Desktop access via VNC? I just might by it.

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