We pick up in the war after the CrunchPad came and went, various ‘tablets’ from other manufactures have taken up position on the field.  Apples iPad is the first heavy into battle, and with great surprise, not to much effect.  The general reception to the iPad has been even at best.  Now comes Googles tablet, or Gpad, or Gslate. (I really cannot see GPad after the ribbing iPad has taken). It basically looks just like the iPad except for one thing. Its running Chrome!  Funny, i would have figured Android.

Now lets take all this with a grain of salt, its conceptual and so far I have not seen anything to make me jump at the moment.  So in regards to our war, the Google Tablet is still at home base, and until it joins the field, the battle ground is still Apples to define.

Here is a shot with the keyboard at full screen…

Check out this video on the tablet..

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