This just came up in TechCrunch so I’m sure my email will be along soon.  Apple is now opening up the door for iPad applications March 27.  So..  How many apps will be NEW and and how many will be existing apps just reformatted for the iPad?  Hmm… Almost all?

Well, at least at first.  And it make sense this would be the case.  In fact, I’m sure COCO programmers have already been into their code and prepping how they want it to function on the larger device using the emulator. And actually, I’m really interested to see how well this thing can handle ported 3D games.

There are going to be plenty of readers out there when the iPad drops on the third, but I think the real gold rush will be around games.  There are tonnes of games on the iPhone, but the screensize has always been a limitation.  So now image playing Spore seeing a nice large world to explore.  Or SimCity where you can really appriciate the Art and see your whole city running. Or wanna play a board game?  Well now, you have your board dont you?

All sounds great right??  The iPad will take gaming to the next level yea?  Well… Lets calm down for a sec. We still do not know if the iPad is going to be powerful enough to handle rendering a larger screen graph.  And its not just the larger size, but as with the SimCity example, there are more things to animate now that we can see more.  And what about battery life? Sure the 3D demo they gave us was impressive, but was that rebuilt from the ground up or ported? I can bet you dollars to donuts ( and what the heck does that expression even mean? … Isn’t a doughnut more then a dollar now a days?) that the battery life will be WAY shorter if you are game playing.. Especially 3D.

Better game play will be my second reason for getting an iPad,  My top reason for getting an iPad will be to remote access my desktop.  And even then, I still plan on getting a used one.

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