As it has been reported, the battery life on the Moto360 is so poor you cannot even for a full day.  However, there is hope.  The most recent firmware update had improved the battery life significantly.  So much so that users are reporting more then a day usage.  This assumes you are not using ‘always’… Read More

For jailbreakers, we have had access to system info for quite awhile now using SBSettings, and although this new app still does not have all the capabilities of SBSettings, at least its something; CPU, Memory and Battery Status. Before iOS4 users would not have to worry about such information. But now that more and more… Read More

This just came up in TechCrunch so I’m sure my email will be along soon.  Apple is now opening up the door for iPad applications March 27.  So..  How many apps will be NEW and and how many will be existing apps just reformatted for the iPad?  Hmm… Almost all? Well, at least at first. … Read More

Just under a week ago, my iphone’s battery life took a nose dive!.   It would be out of power in 3 to 5 hours instead of keeping over 80 at the end of the day.  My first thought was I had some rouge apps running in the background.  I turned off backgrounder.. Still dying. Killed… Read More