Well sure!!  Why didn’t I think of this??  Back in the jailbreak days we have some really cool little music apps to play with.  My favorite was the guitar. But like all the instruments, there really want much you could do with the small screen.

Well now that is no longer an issue and a post on Gizmodo reminds us that hey.. the iPad is just a big iPod tough, but hey!!  Its BIGGER!  And that makes a difference.  So have a look at this screenshot of the ‘Nota’.


You can see yourself playing that could you not?  Now I’m saying your going to go all Thelonios Monk or anything, but I could see playing out an idea, or working on a chord progression.  But better, think about being able to really play a guitar now.  Or drums.  Again, this is still just a flat screen we are talking about, but it does open the imagination. I wonder if I get garage band working in this and do my mixing here?  🙂

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