So this is fun. We all know the big win with the iPad is the large screen; yes I know, its just an over-sized iPod touch, but still, that size change makes all the difference. For me, it will be game play (which I do not have time for anymore ) reading (and please no chatter from the kindle crowd on how ‘long hours of reading will make your eyes tired.’ I do not plan to do long hours of reading.

Case in point? Reading a comic! I’m not a comic reader, but look how nice the images render on marvels new iPad app. Just like the other sneak peaks that have been making there way around the web that have to do with media consumption. This is the iPad’s big win. ‘Course, I still do not plan on buying one right away, I’ll wait awhile and see about getting a first gen a bit cheaper as soon as rumors start in the iPad 2. 🙂
So have a look at this video below. Imagine a magazine, or media rich website / blog. Oh hey, shutter to think…. A book with nice illustrations… I hear they exist.

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