A while back I wrote about a funny site that took Peanuts comics and replaced the text with random tweets.  Well some decided it would be a cool idea to do the same thing but instead replace text with lyrics from the Smiths.  Now, if you are not a full blooded Smiths fan, these will… Read More

I’m not going to go into the history here, you can figure it out.  I had a few close people go though cancer.  Its not fun, but when you beat it, its big.  Best wishing XKCD(er). Permanent link to this comic: http://xkcd.com/1141/ Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/two_years.png… Read More

Rage faces have been around a long time starting with 4chan, then reddit, then, copycat outlets like funnystuff.  Yesterday Ars Technica put out a post explaining what Rage Face Comics are.  Its an good enough post, missing some information and fluffing up other bits, but fair enough, you get the point.  However, it got me… Read More

Normally I would have just read this XKCD comic and thought, yea that’s true and moved on.  But something about this made me think, yup here is another sign that the interweb is changing things. I do remember using the expressing ‘ that would make a cool band name’.  And now when I hear things… Read More

Although some may find it a bit off, using an animated icon that represents much of what drives Mac users nuts (especially us occasional users), but somehow it kinda works for me. Something about always waiting for the next great thing that is going to come from the mind of Steve Jobs, and for us… Read More

Inspired by the I/O conference.. EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT GET A PHONE! .. I whipped up this script in about 20 min.  The drawing by Josh Flores took a little longer.   Any of the events in this comic having anything to do with reality, its purely coincidental… I still need to code up links,… Read More

So this is fun. We all know the big win with the iPad is the large screen; yes I know, its just an over-sized iPod touch, but still, that size change makes all the difference. For me, it will be game play (which I do not have time for anymore ) reading (and please no… Read More

I did not even think about this till I saw the article in Gizmodo. The Kindle was a device I was never really convinced about and when the tablet war started, I know they all be winners on the ebook front.  Well, think about this.  Full color comics!  yea, just like in the newspapers and… Read More