The iPad just got its official jailbreak with ‘Spirit’ from MuscleNerd.  WIN!  Now many of my top jailbreak apps for the iphone does not make sense for this version of the ipad since it does not have a camera, but we all know the next version will.  So for now, I’ll list the jailbreak apps I use on the iphone that I think would be good for the ipad.  I normally like to have a top 10, but because I use my ipad as a consumption device, AND I do not have a camera, AND I did not get the 3G version, I found I really do not have that many jailbreak apps on there.  However, now that ipad2 is out, I will add 1 camera hack that I really like and 7 and backgrounder as 6.

So for now, here are my top 7

7. Snappy Super Fast Camera loader
I hate how slow the iphone camera app is. There must be an app that will load the camera faster. And there is! Snappy. Jailbreak of course. Snappy will let you take a picture faster with your iphone; like one second fast! Really, this is the faster camera app I have ever seen. Even better, is that version 2 supports Video for 3gs! Nice.

I took the entry for UNIX tools out from here. But still:

Unix Tools Mobile, Terminal, openSSH

6. Backgrounder

Backgrounder is nothing but coolness. In fact, the only reason I do not have this lower then 5 is that I do not use it THAT much.. But LOVE it when I do. Multithreading is something that is new and only for iOS4 users. Yea right? Nope. its not true multithreading AND its only for those apps that implemented it. So what about that cool game you have been playing? Nope, unless its been updated recently, most likely multithreading on iOS4 will not work. You can read more on iOS4 and backgrounder here.

Bollocks to that. With Backgrounder you can use for any app , and I do.
More on Backgrounder here.

5. VoiceActivator

Just as it sounds.  Near full command of your iphone through voice commands.  That includes ipod control, dialing people, opening web pages, even getting the time. I have not messed with this that much, but I’m trying to get map search to work. More on VoiceActivator here.

4. BTStacks
This hack is a must!!  Well, its not really a hack but you still need jailbreak to run this code from google.  BTStacks allow you to connect a mouse to the iPad!  Sweet.  Now with a keyboard and a mouse, you can set this up on the table and be almost as productive as if you had a micro PC!  Connect mouse to iPad.

Now even better!  Connect to a GPS device!

3. PdaNet
If you are ever in need of interwebs access for your laptop and there is no free wifi is site, well, use the iPhone! Its not fast, but handy when you need it. More here..
2. Categories
A must have if you have lots if junk on your iPhone. Basically its folders for your icons! Clear and simple.
1. SBSetting
I could not go one day without this.  This perfect little app provides a short cut to your most used settings and aps. I turn 3G on and off quite often, and going through all the menus within settings is a royal pain. With SBSetting, I simply swipe across the top of the screen and there they are.. ready for toggles. Sweeeettt.. More here..

Quake. Yup ID’s Quake from the old days. Now this was put together to work on the iphone, so you know it will only 2x in size.  But still, it could be cool.

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