2014-02-13 12.50.41Funny thing, I have been using the iphone since day 1. I have been jailbreaking for almost as long.  However, once the iphone 5 and my first view of iOS7 surfaced, I started to question if I wanted to keep playing this cat and mouse game of jailbreaking, reinstalling everything, losing some functionally because the jailbreak author could not keep up with changes. So I decided to give Android another try.

To the surprise of my friends I went with Galaxy since my wife wanted a new phone as well and she has been used to the same UI since I gave her my Samsung BADA phone.  (which was a REALLY sweet phone BTW).  I looked at the Note but thought it was too big, I even thought the Galaxy was big, but decided to give it try.

Fast forward a few months and now when I look at the iphone, it feels like a small toy to me. I also did not what I thought I would do when I got the Samsung.  I have not rooted the phone!  I had no reason to.  Everything I want to do I can do.  Change how it looks?  No problem.  Try out cutting edge apps?  All good.  And the most important point, I can use my Pebble!  One of the most frustrating things was how poorly the iphone worked with the Pebble.  Really annoying.  However it works pretty well (not perfectly) but well with the Android.  In fact, there is an app called Pebble Tasker that allows you to create little custom ‘actions’ that does not require programming experience. Very cool.

The other thing I have noticed, most of my programmer and first adopter friends have bailed on the iPhone and moved to Android.  When I ask them, I get the same answer as for why I left. And to my surprise, everyone across the board said they were a bit concerned about the screen size, but very quickly they find that they cannot go back to the small iPhone.

Does this mean iPhone needs to explore a larger screen?  Yes the iPhone 5 is taller, but it does not really provide a better experience because the limited screen width is still a handicap. I know I cannot go back, and my friends say they cannot go back.  This could be the beginning signs that Apple needs to respond.

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