Yesterday, we heard that flash got released (as far as you release something for a jailbreak) and today we now have a simple install from cydia.  Just add as a source and search for Frash.

I have not installed it on my iphone 3g because the architecture does not support it and I still have not got around to jailbreaking the ipad, so I have not tested it myself, but based on what I have been reading, its still a bit buggy and does not work with all Flash sites so my takeaway is that we are still not there yet, but its promising.

If there is a flash web tool that you have to use; give it a shot, or you can use CloudBrowse.  Also, there is a SBSetting switch for it, so I would recommend keeping it off till you need it.  Most of flash on websites are adverts anyway. 🙂

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