I have said this many times before, if Apple REALLY wanted to stop jailbreaking they could.  They dont because this is great R/D and well as Marketing data that they get for free.  Heck, then even hire jailbreak programmers.  So lets have a look at yet more cool iOS features that us jailbreakers have had for a long time..

I’m updating this in real time as things are announced…

  • Quick camera access.  About time!  You can access the camera without logging in, you can also use the vol button to take sh0ts.
  • iMessage. Sending message directly from device to device
  • iCloud.  We all knew this was coming.  Still nice to see it finally integrated, not sure how much I trust it. Remember my post kevetching on Mobile Me?  heck, even Jobs admits that was a pain.
  • Notification bar alerts. This will be my fav. I really missed this when I moved from Android back to iOS. My current app is pretty good, but this is what I have been waiting for.
  • Twitter integration.  The integration is not jailbreak per se, but there are a few deep socMed integrated app I have used via jailbreak that this comes close to
  • Rich Text editing in email as well as other apps.  Really?  It took THIS long?

This is just a quick list going back and forth, ( I do have other things I work on during the day) and will most likely update this tonight.  Still, yet more proof that jailbreaking is not going away anytime soon, and those of us who live the jailbreak life would like to say welcome to the world of advice iPhone life.  And as you enjoy these new features, we will be playing with stuff that you may see in iOS6.  If you are lucky.

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