This is more of an FYI then anything I guess. I just got this in my email box from Apple, so I figured I would pass it out.  Although as I type this, I’m sure everyone who is already coding got this too. 🙂

You can now edit the default language of your app’s metadata on iTunes Connect at the app level and it can be changed at any time. Customers are more likely to read about your app if they can do it in their native language, and we encourage you to translate your metadata for each of the countries in which you offer apps.

To edit the default language for an app, go to the Manage Your Applications module, then click Edit for your App Information. Any previously added localizations will be available for selection in the Default Language dropdown. If you wish to add a new localization to your app, you can do so from the App Localization section of your app’s version details page. Adding a new localization will require a binary update so that Apple can review it.

If you need assistance translating your metadata into additional languages, there are third party vendors who can provide internationalization and localization services for your app.

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