I was listening to NPR and they played an interview with a futballer who answered a question misunderstanding vampire for umpire. After he realized the mistake he laughed and said please delete that.   And it struck me, 10 years ago, we would said erase.  I’m pretty sure whatever device they were using for the interview… Read More

This is more of an FYI then anything I guess. I just got this in my email box from Apple, so I figured I would pass it out.  Although as I type this, I’m sure everyone who is already coding got this too. 🙂 You can now edit the default language of your app’s metadata… Read More

I still need to download and play with this, but I’m pretty excited. Been looking for a good quick translator to translate English to Japanese.   I’ll update this post as soon as I download the thing. I just tried it and its pretty good.  I think. BTW, you have to look on the second page… Read More