This is a bit late but I have been busy.  So its pretty old news now that yes many of the ‘New’ UI improvements in iOS7 have been around for awhile.  Many via Jailbreak.  So say something you really liked in iOS7?  Check out this list.  Odds are you can have it. However, before we… Read More

I have said this many times before, if Apple REALLY wanted to stop jailbreaking they could.  They dont because this is great R/D and well as Marketing data that they get for free.  Heck, then even hire jailbreak programmers.  So lets have a look at yet more cool iOS features that us jailbreakers have had… Read More

Yesterday, we heard that flash got released (as far as you release something for a jailbreak) and today we now have a simple install from cydia.  Just add as a source and search for Frash. I have not installed it on my iphone 3g because the architecture does not support it and I still… Read More

With jailbreak of course.  I have not done this myself because from what I read you need iOS4 and I really do not want to put that on my iphone 3g.  But, for those of you that already took the plunge, AND have jailbroken AND care enough to want to bother in the first place…… Read More