The new MacBook doe not come with Flash preinstalled as other Mac OS’s (iOS not withstanding) and devices did in the past.  Well, no longer.  The new MacBook and all future Mac devices will NOT have Flash pre-installed.  Now the first reaction from most people is that this is yet another stab at Flash.  And it might be, but it could work out to Adobe’s advantage… in the long term.

I’m saying this because 90% of people who are ok with using Flash, will have no issue installing the Flash plug-in when they come to a flash enabled site.  This is good for Adobe, and this is Apple’s line by the way, that people will always download the latest version of the Flash player. Apple has already stated that they are looking to make the experience and even some of the code between the iOS and Mac OS more similar, so, from a policy point of view, this heads in that direction even though we are only talking about a browser plug in here.

Remember, I said in the long run.  That is because Flash will no longer be part of the auto update system on the OS.  And this is bad news.  Clearly Adobe will move like lightning to patch the plugin to check for updates, but for now, people will have to do it themselves.  The fact that Apple did not give Adobe the heads up on this is pretty weak.

So yes, it does add yet one more stab mark into the Flash chest, but this is more symbolic then anything; so in that regard, will make users experience with Flash better since they will be sure to get the latest and greatest version… in the long run.

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