WIN!!  Finally, Apple has given up its ridiculous rules that says you cannot use other dev tools, like Adobes Flash studio to create iOS applications.  Here is the statement from Apple:

“We are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code,”

This is great news!  Now does it mean we will get ‘save as iOS’ in the Adobe flash dev environment?  There is no work on that right now, but most likely that will happen and the fact that Adobe stock jumped up %12+ I think the odds are pretty good.

32.99 Change % Change
+3.68 +12.56%
This is also great news for companies like ‘Unity Technologies’ and ‘Anscamobile’ which creates 3D and 2D gaming environments.  A statement from Unity:

“We applaud this move by Apple. We are all about enabling people to work with the best tools for any given job. Apple has always been focused on providing superior products to end users,” Francis said. “Unity games have been continuously released throughout this period. However, we are very happy for all those developers who can now join the party.”

We also heard from Anscamobile:

We’ve always argued that our design for Corona was extremely conservative, since Lua scripting to a native C++ engine is a standard architecture in many bestselling iPhone games, including some demonstrated onstage by Apple. Last week’s Apple demo of the Unreal 3D engine on iPhone seemed like an even bigger sign of public approval for game-engine architectures. But now it looks like we can finally put the “section 3.3.1″ question behind us, and focus on talking about what’s great in Corona, rather than parsing Apple technicalities.

So all you ActionScripters and 3D world creators rejoice.  Life has gotten easier.  And for the consumer, look forward to a whole new wave of cool new apps to choose from.

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