Even more win!!  Adobe has announced its back at work on its port to iphone feature within its Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool. Now just to be clear, this does NOT mean you can play a flash video on the iphone or ipad, just that you can use the same tools you have used to create flash movies, its that you can create a flash movie and save to run on iphone or andriod and perhaps other platforms later on.

They we close to releasing the tool last year, but now that iphone is iOS4+, they need to update the tools to handle the new API sets.  I would guess it will not take long. I would also expect they will call back some of the people who helped with the tool although most of them have already moved on.  Will be interesting to see how many they can get back on the project.

Now I’m all excited again to dust off my old flash programming skills and see what I can do with the tool.  Hey ADOBE!  Give me a beta copy!!  Pleeeaasse???

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