What if you were in a bar, and someone showed you an iPhone and said it was only 25 pounds?  AND then the things actually worked?? As well as common IPhone apps?  Well, clearly its a rip off copy, but still.. the things was working!!  And running Java on top of that?  Well according to… Read More

I still do not have the Nexus One, and still trying to get my hands on Google’s phone, although I ‘could’ just go out and buy the bloody thing, but where is the sport in that? Plus, I’m not looking for a replacement phone… yet.  So again, anyone have a Nexus I can borrow or… Read More

Just came across this new Facebook feature on my iphone today.  I clicked on ‘update’ but did not select ‘overwrite’ .  What this new feature does is take every one of your phone entries and checks to see if they are also your friends on facebook.  If so, they insert the profile image they have… Read More

Web browsing on the iphone is a good enough experience with one exception.. ok, 2 exceptions.  The iphone’s browser crashing on me is a bit annoying, but that is another post.  So back to 1 thing.  When I open new pages, normally from clicking on a link, and then try to go back to the… Read More

So I’m sure everyone has already heard about Dan Lyons (the fake Steve Jobs) suggested Operation Chokehold where everyone slams AT&T’s network by running high volume data apps. Well, I cannot say I’m in favor of the idea because I KNOW AT&T is quite aware of the limitations of their network, of which Ralph de… Read More

Just under a week ago, my iphone’s battery life took a nose dive!.   It would be out of power in 3 to 5 hours instead of keeping over 80 at the end of the day.  My first thought was I had some rouge apps running in the background.  I turned off backgrounder.. Still dying. Killed… Read More

There are more reports of hackers mucking around with jailbroken iphone where SSH is on and the password has not been changed.  So again, for all you jailbroken iPhone users out there, change your password, or as I do, keep SSH off.   Here are the instructions.  If you want to thank me, a Guinness would… Read More

As well as having my own blog here, I also write for iphoneLife magazine.  As such, I get quite a few press released that are iphone related.  Most of the time, I delete them unless there is something that catches my fancy.  But then I thought, I should post these for other people. So I… Read More

I use PDANet so I’m unaffected by all this, but I saw this on TC’s mobile crunch and felt compelled to share. 🙂  Now again, as I remind my readers every time, there is a difference between jailbreaking and unlocking. {UPDATE:  the newest version RC3 now has unlock as well as jailbreak.  I have not… Read More

Saw this story via CNET.  I was a bit concerned till I read how the hack was done.  A bit of background information though, seems a hacker got in to a few jailbroken iphone running T-Mobile in the Netherlands.  Basically, it puts a message on your phone saying you have been hacked and to learn… Read More

I just saw this on BNET.com and have not dug into it yet, but I will later today.  But I thought I better get this out now. from the article… Exchange 2007 will only communicate with devices that have encryption embedded into the hardware, which iPhones older than the 3GS version do not have. However,… Read More

Ever find yourself in a hotel, want to watch a movie on your iphone?  Laying on a bed holding your iphone can get a bit tiring after awhile.   Well check this out. You can rig up an iphone holder using hangers and a plastic bag!  This assumes there is a lamp right over the bed. … Read More

As I reported a few months back, I noticed an uptick on dropped calls and overall poorer performance when I upgraded from 2.x to 3.0. Basically it felt like the phone reverted to the same performance levels before the 2.1 upgrade.  So I hoped it was a simple visioning error and the 3.0.1 would take… Read More

I just read this today on ismashiphone (link).. The posts describe the steps required to tether your iphone 3g(s) IF you are updated to the new 3.0 firmware. Since I use PDANet (paid for it too) I have not tried it personally, but I’m sure there are a few readers who love to have this… Read More

This did not take long did it?  But the funny thing is that it did not come from the Dev-team, but instead instead from George Hotz. Now this is windows only (sorry mac people) but I’m sure it will be ported soon enough.  Now remember this is 3.0, so if you are running the 3.1… Read More

I’m not holding my breadth though. Since the 3.0 update, I have had more issues with dropped calls and poor cell performance. I’m not the only one to see it.  Since my first post on this issue, I have received quite a few comments from people experiencing the same thing, and tips to help reduce… Read More