I’m not holding my breadth though. Since the 3.0 update, I have had more issues with dropped calls and poor cell performance. I’m not the only one to see it.  Since my first post on this issue, I have received quite a few comments from people experiencing the same thing, and tips to help reduce dropped calls.

Well, the 3.1 SDK is out and not much has been mentioned on fixing this issue short of this line.

..iPhone Software 3.1 also reportedly improves battery life on the iPhone 3G S, updates the “Carrier” profile for U.S. users to “AT&T 4.2,” as opposed to “AT&T 4.0,” ..

Now I this does not mean its going to improve the situation, and I’ll looking for something somewhere, but its better then nothing. Still, after being used to good connections since the 2.1 update, I’m really bummed to have to return to watching where I place my phone calls again to avoid dropped calls.  🙁

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