I cannot believe this has not been realized before, and yes its not perfect, like my Perfect Midnight Grilled Cheese Sandwich; but this approaches brilliance. Caution, do this at your own risk.  Mess this up and you can ruin your toaster or worse.  So really, be careful.

Now let it be said I have not tried this and in fact do not have a pop up toaster anymore, but in theory, it should work. Even better if you have an extra wide popup toaster. From my years of grilled cheese making experience I’m going to take a stab the instructions for making a grilled cheese with a pop up toaster:

0) FIRST, clean the toaster.  If you do not will start a fire.  A reader tried and thus smokes an old toaster.

1) pre toast the toast.  Part of what makes a good grill cheese is getting the bread toasted just right.  Set it to light.

2) Butter the toast LIGHTLY on one side. If you put it upside down and there is even a HINT of dripping, you put on too much.

3) Add cheese to the non butter side of the toast. How much cheese you ad depends on the width of the toaster slot.

4) Set the toaster on the Dark setting. You want to get the cheese to just start melting.  Make sure you slowly release the toaster spring (holder, cradle or whatever its called) before it pops itself.  You may want to place a plate or a catchers mitt to catch the toast just in case.

5) Assemble the sandwich.  Add tomatoes typically.

6) Set the toaster right side up, put your sandwith on top over the two slots if you need any extra cooking or if you like your cheese gooey.

And there you go!  A wonderful grilled cheese sandwich with nothing more then a pop up toaster.

If anyone tries this, let me know.

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