So, your going to stay up late eh?  Cannot sleep? Have too much or your mind?  A geek?  Well then.  You need to make a midnight grilled cheese sandwich!  Now this isnt your normal two slices of wunderbread and kraft american cheese, now, we are going to add a few things..

Ok, first, lets get the ingredients together..

  • Wisconsin medium (or sharp) cheddar ( or any other non over processed cheese)
  • Bread.  I go between 7 whole grain to the low of the low, safeway French toast bread.  Today it was the French bread cut.
  • Tomato.  The fresher the better.  Get heirloom if you can.
  • Turkey based Pepperoni slices. (yea, really not kidding about this bit)

Ok, so prep your ingredients ..  Toast the bread lightly!

Only add a SMALL pinch of salt and black pepper to the tomatoes.

Now here is a trick.  Microwave the pepperoni slices in a paper towel. About 20s should be fine. Dry and crispy.

ok.. now the secret step..  The “Lean mean fat grilling machine! ”  Yea baby…

Toast the bread, apply a light bit of butter and assemble.

Close the lid and let it cook.  After the top had been browned, unplug and let it sit for a few minutes and TaDa!! The perfect midnight grilled cheese sandwich!  Enjoy!!!  Yea, I’m sure there are better things I could be doing with my time.


As you can see from the comments, I seem to have inspired a similar and it seems just as perfect midnight grilled cheese bagel.  🙂 Have to thank Max for this image, who, for some reason disappears from my twitter records after a day or two.

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