Yes, you read that right. You can create a massive huge super monster pancake using your rice cooker.  That is assuming you have one of course. If not, with a few modification you can use a bread maker as well.  The cool part is you can add a number of ingredients like fruit, nuts, chocolate, etc.. without the cleanup. I read this via RocketNews24, so credit to them for turning me on to this.

The steps are pretty simple actually.  First gather your ingredients just like making normal pancake batter.  Put the ingredients directly in the rice cooker container.  Mix it in there until you get a consistent smooth texture. Add your extra ingredients here as well.  I recommend banana and chocolate chips since that is pretty easy.
WARNING, make sure you only put it to the 1/2 way mark, you do not want it to overflow and make the lid stick.

For the first time, you may want to make it smaller just to get a feel for it.  Also, if its a bit doughy, you can firm it up in the microwave.

From RocketNews24

Once its all mixed, close the lid and hit the button.  The whole process should only take 45 min or so.

Then BOOM, you got that Monster pancake ready for slicing.  OR you can just mac it right there.  My favorite part of this?  The clean up.  Or should I say the lack of clean up.  Clean the bowl and you are done!  WIN!  The last time I make pancakes I think I made more mess then actual pancakes!

monster pancake rice cooker

Like I said before, there are lots of variation just like regular pancakes, except you do not have to worry if the chucks are too big them messing up the pancake.  Check out some of these..

First the promised banana and chocolate monster pancake!

Or better yet, an all Chocolate monster pancake.

There are many more, click here to read the full post on RocketNews24


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