bacon breakfast cupsJust saw this on Reddit.  Had to share.  What does this have to do with games or technology?  Nothing.  Just pure food porn.

Ingredients: Muffin Tin (Non-stick is best)

6 large/x-large eggs

Bacon stripsandbaconstripsandbaconstripsIhadtousethisfeature.

Bread circles slightly larger then the bottom of the muffin tin. (I used a cup and pressed out the centre of 6 slices) You can use whatever bread you like, it’s more of a structural component for syrup/butter adsorption and an egg platform.

1:3 maple syrup: melted butter (enough to coat the bottom of each muffin tin)

Shredded Cheese of your liking


Pre-cooking the Bacon

You can either pan fry for 5 minutes or you can oven bake them on a foil covered cookie sheet for 15 minutes (sprinkle some brown sugar to candy them if you like 😉 The bacon strips should be soft, not crispy.

Building the Cups:

Preheat oven to 400F/204.44C

Pour some butter/syrup mixture to coat the bottom so they look like this, lest you risk them ending up like this.

Gently stuff the bread circle in the tin.

Sprinkle Cheese on the bread

Follow the muffin tin walls and wrap a bacon strip (or two) forming a cup

Carefully break an egg into the bacon cup.

Top with Salt/Pepper/Cheese/Your Heart’s Desire

Middle Rack in the 400F oven for 20-25 minutes

If all goes according to plan then the caramalized bread base will make it easy to hold and consume sans utensils.

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