Yes, this is pure dorky goodness, but I dont care. It works!   I got this retro phone handset on sale for under $10. Last one at Bed and Bath in fact. The funny thing is, just like the original iphone phone handle, this is practical. Its kind of funny how popular this is.  Go on newegg or  Amazon and check it out. The first day I had it at my desk I answered 3 calls with it and found it so much easier to simply pick up the phone handle and press a button, then to unplug my phone ( I leave it plugged in) and swipe to answer the call.

The sounds quality is not any better than any of the other handsets, but still.  The thing works!  Love it.  And I think it looks pretty darn nice.  Everything is rubberized which does make a difference.

So all you iPhone dorks out there.  See if you can find it.  And get it. 😉

BTW, there are TONNES of phones out there like this. I may do a quick survey and update this post with them.

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