Its not like you have not seen these before, but this is some cool swag from ringCentral that really came into use.  Its basically a land line phone handle with a chord to connect to your mobile phone.  The cool part, aside from free, is that it worked pretty well. I was on the conference floor trying to talk to someone on my iphone and saw these at a booth. I walked over, grabbed one (yes I asked first), plugged it in and boom!  I could hear and they could hear me.  Nice!  The model I got has volume control and a hangup/answer button.  Good enough!

As I guess it works too, because I then had to look up the URL for ringcentral and see that it looks like an interesting service. Basically an office phone system from your iphone.

I have no idea how much these cost much less if I’m going to use it with any regular basis, but I know this:  It has earned a position on my very crowded desk at work.  Lets see if I use it again. 🙂

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