Not a lot to say here except, this guy did a find job and though desired a little love.

Here is more info from the post on Reddit.

I had it engraved (for free!) at Maker Faire 2010. While it was going, someone else came up and asked if they could do it on theirs, too. I said “sure!”.

So, to the best of my knowledge, only two iPads have had this design, and one of them got smashed when it fell face-first out of my car.

Anyway, I just found the .ai file again, and wanted to offer it to Reddit, in case anyone wants to use it. I’m releasing it under a Creative-Commons Noncommercial Share-Alike license.

I’m not requiring you to put your name on whatever you engrave, though. Just don’t sell it. Or if you want to sell it, let me know and cut me in. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the AI file if anyone’s interested.


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