All you need

Yea, this is like boutique store good. Not all that hard to make either. I’ll take you through the steps by steps. Now full disclosure, this is from my wife who read it online somewhere. So if you find it, ping me so I can link back to the OP.

Step 1, get the supplies. Special K with extra strawberries works great. Pink Chocolate (2 bars). I got this stuff on sale at Sprouts, sweet deal of 60% off. (yes pun intended). Dark chocolate at the same place. (4 bars) Now of course you can change out the cereal if you want, but try to keep the pink chocolate. Really adds to the taste. Next get a large’ish pan and put cooking paper on it. You can use cup cake forms or other containers, up to you. I like the pan. (Scroll down a bit if you want to see the pan I used).

Step two, prep. Now by hand, pick out as many of the strawberries from the cereal as you can. Stop complaining it does not take that long. Once you do that, get scissors or a knife or whatever, and cut in half. You don’t have to, but I like this way.

ok, step 3. Now if you never melted chocolate before, its not hard, but not simple either. If this is your first time, do a google search. There is a recommendation to use a microwave, which I will try at some point, but for this, simple pot with a glass bowl. (update, USE THE MICROWAVE! WAY easier) Bring the water to a simmer, place the glass over the pot, and yes the glass bowl MUST be bigger than the pot. (really I have to say this?) Anyway, drop the PINK chocolate first. Break it up into pieces, drop it in and start stirring. When its smooth your done. Pour into your sheet and smooth it out.

Now its time for the dark chocolate. I use 2 bars of dark for every 1 bar of pink. In this session I did 2 pinks and 4 dark and the whole box of cereal. Notice I did not clean the bowl? Yea because we do not want to waste ANY of that sweetness. And dont worry, its 2x dark to pink, it will keep dark when you are done.

Step 4. Its workout time. This take a bit of arm work, but its worth it. You need to work in the cereal to the chocolate. I put in the cereal a bit at time, say 1/4 mix it in, add another 1/4 mix, repeat. I think in the original recipe you do not use all the cereal thus making it more like chocolate than crunch, but if you work at it long enough you will get almost every flake with enough chocolate that it will hold. Bonus, you end up with more Strawberry Chocolate Crunch!! So get at it!

Last step, step 5. Time to spread the goodness. Once you have this fully mixed, turn off the stove and place onto the pink layer, It should be firm by now. Spread evenly. Next, remember those dried strawberries? Place them evenly on the pan. You should have something like this. You do need to push the strawberries in a bit, so do quickly while its still warm.

Put in the fridge for a few hours and that’s it! Cut and sell … oh serve. Or, in my case, put them in containers and eat them all myself. Hey, I made these, I can do what I want. Enjoy!!

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