Yesterday AOL went down without much a whisper, although credit to Techcrunch for running the story and not playing it soft. (although I wonder how much more biting it would have been if they did get bought, but that’s another question). Well today gmail web client went down for about 15min for some of us. … Read More

So lets say you decided to get an iPad.  And you did not get the 3G iPad with GPS on it because you wanted to save a few bucks.  Out of luck?  Not really.  There is a way to turn that iPad into the coolest GPS turn by turn device ever.  How? Buy a cheap… Read More

Betcha didnt know that did yea?  That you can send 240+ Charter messages using Direct Message through Twitter. That is, until now. My Twitter application, does not stop you from sending a message that is over 140 char.  It tells you how many char you have typed, but if you want to type 2000… Read More

Came across this cool little tip to undo a sent gmail via Mashable.  Ever send a email and wish, ‘man, I should not have sent that.’  Or hit the send button too soon.  We Houston, we have a fix. You can now undo a sent email from Gmail. There has always been a undo send,… Read More

Yup, death of basic auth for twitter part 2.  If you remember, we were going to have basic auth killed in favor of OAuth back in June, and they decided we (they) we not ready.  Fair enough, plus the world cup really put some strain on twitter.  So now we have til the 16th of… Read More

First off, any Trojan is a bad Trojan. However, there is something off about this story.  I’m not saying its wrong or we should ignore this story, but there were a few things that kinda of bothered me. First off, who in world would call a trojan file ‘“Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”’ ???  I mean really.  That like… Read More

Finally!  Been waiting for firefox sync to hit the stores when I first heard of it.  Now there are ways to get your book marked into the iphone/ipad, but not a live link. Now that is sorted. I installed it last night and synced on my laptop just now.  Works great.  However, all ready have… Read More

At first when I saw this, I thought it was a new jailbreak, but as I dug around, it turned out to be a scam.  How do I know? I go to the iphone dev website to check, and there is was.. Update #3: Remember, there are scammers everywhere in the iPhone scene.  The latest… Read More

I love my little Roomba, and most people you talk to love theirs too.  However, as far vacuum cleaners go, they cannot really compete with a standard high power vacuum cleaner.  Nor are they supposed to.  However, here are 4 tips to get the most of your Roomba. 1. Maximize your battery life:  Depending on… Read More

I’m really surprised I get this question.  I was asked 3 times and I figured I would write a short post on the answer. YES..   Ok, now ‘why’ its yes.. You do NOT have to jailbreak you iPad to tether.  You only have to jailbreak the iPhone.  (if you are using an iphone that is) … Read More

Does it work for you? Normally, when I write about jailbreaking I’m trying to report the news or talk about interesting app.  However, in this case, I’m asking for feedback. I have a friend who foolishly updated to 3.1.3 and lost his unlock.  He gave me his phone and I tried blackra1n.  5 times!  Nothing. … Read More

This just came in via email:  Seems that in Jamaica, a large number of laptops are being stolen out of cars by thieves using cheap wifi finder fobs.  It works like this.. The go to malls, or other places that business people may do a quick dash into to get something.. But not TOO fast. … Read More