Yes you have all seen the video by now were Salomao Filho explains how to get around the phone password by using the emergency dial option.  Pretty good little hack I must say.  The funny thing is I wanted to try this out myself on my phone until I looked at it and remember that I do not HAVE a passcode anymore.  Thus no emergency phone access, thus a hacked iphone is actually MORE secure than the regular iphones.  HAHAHAH..

Take THAT Apple establishment!  WAHAHahaha.. haha… ha… ummm .. Hmm…

Course if someone needs to use my phone for an emergency call, that could really be a problem as you can see in this screen shot below.  BTW, that is biteSMS running on the screenshot, I plan to write about that at some point.

Then of course there is the issue around forgetting my path, and I thought I address that in a previous post but cannot seem to remember where. I’ll have to look for it.

Anyway, check out the video below. Its pretty easy step by step.

Bug no iOS 4.1 from Salomão Filho on Vimeo.

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