poison-appleThe details are still dripping out, but it seems a hacker called ‘Oleg Pliss’ is accessing peoples iPhones by using your Apple iCloud account and invoke the ‘Find My iPhone’ service.’  Oleg will then lock your phone and charge you £55 to unlock it.  There is not much you can do about it right now short of reloading your phone to factory.  However that means you need to reload all your data again.  Its seems that the hacker got access by using phishing e-mails targeting Apple IDs.  This is still not fully confirmed so its still a good idea to change your password to be safe.

Its also safe to say many iOS users are not happy about this.  Many people by iPhone’s because its suppose to be more secure. However, its seems this is a case of users falling for a phishing scam so its not a ‘hack’ into Apple or your phone.  Yet one more reminder to NEVER give your password over email…. EVER!

As of this writing, still no answer from Apple on how to deal with this short of taking your phone to the Apple store.

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