This just came in via email:  Seems that in Jamaica, a large number of laptops are being stolen out of cars by thieves using cheap wifi finder fobs.  It works like this.. The go to malls, or other places that business people may do a quick dash into to get something.. But not TOO fast.  The hope is you had your laptop on within the last 30 min and simply closed the lid.  If this is the case, you wifi is still on, and even though you hide the laptop from sight, they can find it using a wifi fob.  The big win is finding a Corp laptop because not only can they sell the hardware, there could be good data on there to sell also.

This would apply to iphones, androids, well any smart phone really; however I can not see people leaving their phones in car.  But in your purse while your back is turned? Perhaps.

I have not heard much about this in the US or UK yet, but just a matter of time I would think, so as a matter of good habit, ANYTIME you take your laptop out of the office or the house, make sure that closing the lid puts the machine in to hibernation (and you have wifi set to off during hibernation).  That or try to remember to turn wifi off even if you are leaving the laptop in the car for ‘just a bit’.

That is all… you can go back about your business.

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