I do not use Evernote much, despite having it on my desktop and iphone.  However, I REALLY wish I could edit text in the cloud from the iphone, but Evernote just never made it into my workflow, instead I use Google Docs.

Well, now with cut and paste being easier to use, I found myself grabbing text from google docs and pasting into Evernote. I can then edit and keep editing till I get around to putting it back in google docs via my desktop from Evernote.  This is not perfect by ANY means, but better then nothing… well, its this or nothing.

What I REALLY wish for is either Evernote allow rich text editing on the iphone or google docs doing it.  Its a race boys!!  First one will become my default text system for the iphone, and thus the desktop.

If ANYONE knows of a way to edit rich text directly in the cloud from the iphone, please let me know …

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