Just came across this new Facebook feature on my iphone today.  I clicked on ‘update’ but did not select ‘overwrite’ .  What this new feature does is take every one of your phone entries and checks to see if they are also your friends on facebook.  If so, they insert the profile image they have on facebook into the profile image in your iphone address book!  Nice. Even adds a link to their facebook account.  Caution though, if you have lots of entries and lots of people on facebook, this can take awhile, so make sure you are not already low on batteries and can spare the time to let it do its thing.  Once it has going through and you close the app, I cannot seem to find away to get it to work again.  If someone knows how, please share.

{Update} I heard from @jaymandel that it replaced all of this pic AND created duplicate entries.  I’m not sure what story is there.  I checked mine and I did fine some duplicates, but I’m not sure which were created by the program or were my own duplications. Also, if this happens to you, I know that yahoo address book had a deduplicate featrue, so you can sync your itunes address book with yahoo and remove dups if this happens to you. Does anyone know if itunes has a deduplication function for iphone address book?  What about google address book?

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