blackra1nI decided to update to my iphone to OS3.1.2 for no other reason then to just do it.. That and the LONG delay it takes for SMS to open could have been related to 3.0 or perhaps some jailbreak app I installed back in the day.  Anyway, I decided to live with my mobile device in normal mode just like the everyday joe sixpack and see how long I could go.  I gave it 2 weeks.  I am now running blackra1n as I type this.  BTW, the instructions on installing blackra1n on the iphone is as follows.

1) download the program

2) press the button

3) have a beverage.

That’s it.  You will see a new icon called ‘blackra1n’ with a black rain drop graphic.  Tix on it and let it down load the helpers apps. If you do not know what to do next, look up cydia.  All you need to know.

Anyway, back to why I jailbroke the iphone again.  Two things really..

In my ‘top ten list’ of jailbroken apps, I have SBSettings as number 1.  With SBSetting, you can do two things.. First, you turn radios on and off.  This is really useful for where I am, SOMA area of San Francisco, where I need to kill 3G and Wifi every now and again because of reception issues, and random hotspots that seem to confuse the iphone.  Second, I can call a list of all non OS threads that are running on the phone, kill them, and the call memory garbage collection to free up memory. What I have discovered in my two weeks is the the browser has a habit of crashing once a day.  When I was jailbroken, I could not remember when the browser crashed last.  Now its possible that 3.1.2 did something to make the browser more unstable, I don’t know, but i found myself in the habit of clearing memory every now and again and I have a feeling that had something to do with it.

Well, the phone is jailbroken now.  Easy right?  Already downloading Cydia and Rock. I’ll reinstall all the jailbreak apps that Rock did not catch tonight…  Could be time for a top 10 best jailbreak app revision.  🙂

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