markthespotSo I’m sure everyone has already heard about Dan Lyons (the fake Steve Jobs) suggested Operation Chokehold where everyone slams AT&T’s network by running high volume data apps. Well, I cannot say I’m in favor of the idea because I KNOW AT&T is quite aware of the limitations of their network, of which Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive for mobility and consumer markets has admitted as much, and further more, how is this going to affect anything?  Great, we bring the system ‘down to its knees’ for a few hours. AT&T feel worse … and that is about it.  No value.

Now, there is a counter movement that I WILL participate in; Operation Feedback. I found out about this through the press release channel and it makes sense.  Instead of a DNS attack on AT&T, we should instead use the iphone app Mark The Spot app (by AT&T funny enough) to report every instance of any dropped call or interruption, an purposely go out of our way to find our well, and not so well known dead points.  This makes more sense from proactive point of view.  Not only can we ‘make noise’ about the weak service from AT&T, but we can actually help in trying to improve the service.  If AT&T suddenly got lots of information about dropped calls, perhaps they may be able to improve the situation. (if only somewhat). Credit Ryan Ritchey from The Digital Lifestyle for this idea.

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