As so it is; Twitter will now censor tweets based on censorship laws of the country the user is in. Now before you think this is only bad news for those people who live in repressive resigned, keep in mind there was a proposal by Joe Lieberman to have Twitter delete the accounts in order… Read More

According to this article by Digital Trends, Capcom USA, publisher of franchises such as Resident Evil, Ookami, and Street Fighter, has confirmed (albeit in a roundabout manner) that they support SOPA. Capcom is a member of the Entertainment Software Association which has openly expressed its support of the bill and “appears on the House Judiciary… Read More

This is so funny.  First off, you need to know what this Ocean Marketing fail is in the first place. tl;dr  This (1man?) marketing shop that represents a game controller failed to keep a customer informed about a shipment date miss.  After 3 times the customer started to get angry about the lake of information. … Read More

Man, am I late to the party on this one, but better late then never. First, the link to install rage face emoticons in Chrome for Now you can use your favorite memes on sites like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Google+, Reddit, FunnyJunk, EbaumsWorld, and Memebase! This extension does have its limit, if the person who… Read More

It’s kinda of funny. I remember getting into Twitter all those years ago. Loved it.  I write TwittFilter and a few other programmes for analyzing twitter feeds and social graphs.  I tried other socmed apps, including facebook, but never really got into them that much, but still, I was pretty deep.  But in that last… Read More

I was lucky enough to be turned on to TurnTable.FM when it launched and have enjoyed it off and on ever since.  Last week, when we were planning the final details for VentureBeats Mobile/GameBeat conference, we talked about music.  I suggested we should create a Venturebeat room and let people DJ the breaks!  As it… Read More

Google has not released an official API yet, however, that does not mean you cannot start playing around with Google+ data.  There are quite a few unofficial API’s.  Here is a list I saw on ‘programmableWeb‘ Google+Tweet: A full featured Twitter client inside your Google Plus Account. Google+Facebook: A browser extension that lets you view… Read More

As I was putting my Google+ circles together, I thought.  Hmmm.. How would Dante do his circles?  Yes I wonder these things.. And here is how his circles would look. Had to do a bit of Photoshop to get these in order.  Then I thought.. how would Dante’s Google+ circles map to today’s grouping?  Actually,… Read More

At first when I read this, I thought; ‘an auto reply for twitter and facebook?  NOooooo!’  My worse thoughts was some putting an auto reply that they are eating a sandwich and will be back online in ah hour.  Really?  You are so locked into your SocMed addition that you have to let people know… Read More

I guess this is not a surprise. Facebook is blocking people from using Mansour’s Chrome tool for exporting contact info from Facebook. The latest from Mansour is that he is going to try and find a work around. CRITICAL UPDATE: Facebook is trying so hard to not allow you to export your friends. They started… Read More

Vanity URLs for social media. First it started with Twitter, and that was default.  Can be any more perfect then that.  In fact, that is (IMHO) one of the reason Twitter took off.  Facebook followed up and so did LinkedIn.  And now we have I’m not sure if this is sponsored by google… Read More

Actually, I would have thought this would have happened faster, but Geekword has reported that there is an email scam going around.  If you click on this fake google+ invite you will be redirected to some pharmacy site, but one can imagine will not take long till some sort of virus payload it put on… Read More

Before I show how to copy friends for facebook to google+, I want to point of 2 things.  First I have tried this Chrome plugin and second I have NO desire to do so.  Something I like about Google+ is its a great opportunity to start over. { Update: The chrome facebook exporter has been… Read More

Just saw this on tuow.   They say it will be out soon, but no date. What I do not understand is why wait so long?  I guess it took the release of iPad2 to finally push them enough to build it.  So stay tuned. From tuow: A few features in the full PC/Mac app didn’t… Read More

Kickstarters ability to get projects off the ground is not new news, but every now and again, I’ll get an email to remind me just how cool this service is. The Indie Game movie just got funded in 24 hours, so I thought I would post up the email showing yet again, you can make things happen if you just try.… Read More

Remember Color?  I do.  I remember it getting $41m in VC cash for what I though was a pretty weak idea.  Then I tried it.  And I was really puzzled.  This seem more like a simple 20k app that really does not need more then 500k to launch.. and all in all, it was just… Read More

This is fun.  CNN showed a QR code for people to go to a website to get more information on the GOP debates.  Which seems a bit silly.  I have to grab my phone, call up my QR reader, then I get to the webpage.  If I’m at home, then I have to email that… Read More