Love this.  The new Duke Nukem FPS game came out a while back and the reviews are now coming in.  And they are not good.  In fact, most people who reviews the game have basically trashed it.  Fair enough.. That happens, especially with a title that has so much history.  If you remember, 3D Realms… Read More

This just came up on Reddit. Its code that will allow you to place rage faces in your facebook chat.  WIN.  I downloaded the code but will not have a chance to mess with it until tomorrow.  But here are the links.  I also put them on my own server since the originals are getting… Read More

This is pretty cool. Not sure when it came out, but its has over 50k fans.  Its a pretty cool little promotional campaign.  You go to this site and it will ask for access to your facebook account. Normally and unlike most of the world, I almost never allow app on Facebook.. Yes I’m… Read More

I was recently exposed to SVG Girl (thanks Avi) and as a fan of anime and web technology, what a treat! At first glance, SVG Girl looks like a video of an anime, in reality it is an interactive video using all Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)! SVG is a family of specifications of an XML-based file format… Read More

Just came out today. Although you could always insert a tweet into wordpress using blackbird, a new widget / service from twitter just came out the provides a rich Twitter interactive widget. Nice. From Twitter : To see Web Intents in action, check out’s great tool for quoting Tweets in blog posts: Twitter Blackbird… Read More

Wow.  The Sendai earthquake and tsunami happened yesterday and already a wiki page has been created and VERY well populated and referenced. Last night when the quake happened it was all over Twitter, as is expected now a days. In fact, I knew about the tsunami warning for California (through Twitter) long before it got… Read More

This just came down 10 days ago and slipped by my notice.  The basic update here is the reason you cannot create a white list application on Twitter is because they are not accepting any new applications.  Instead they are going to limit all apps to 350 API calls an hour.  Thats still quite a… Read More

Just read this in TechCrunch.  I have been reading on the various ways people in Egypt have been trying to get information out.  Google has released a service that will allow you to call a phone number, leave a message and that will turn into a Tweet.  I have not tried this myself so I… Read More

This has been spreading all over the place in just the last 24 hours.  In fact, by the time I finish writing this (and you reading it) I will bet he already has a number of gigs and will be doing the morning show circuit. This popped up on YouTube yesterday and took off.  Its… Read More

Rockmelt crashed the first time I launched the browser, which is always a bad way to start with a new program. I opened up the two webmail systems that I use and another tab in the same window for browsing. I sign in to Twitter three times and get the ever spinning circle. The Facebook integration is better, it is fairly robust, meaning I saw status messages.… Read More

Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks!!  I mean, what else can I say here?  I’m not sure if its real or fake, but this is a Nokia ad! For a Bruce Lee version of their N96! So I’m not sure what to think.  It looks pretty cut up, but still.  We are talking Bruce… Read More

But why did it take this long? For many people, myself included, facebook is a kind of social calendar.  And even though you could share an event you are attending with facebook, there was no way to see what events your friends are going to unless there was also a corresponding facebook event. Now, Eventbright… Read More

Betcha didnt know that did yea?  That you can send 240+ Charter messages using Direct Message through Twitter. That is, until now. My Twitter application, does not stop you from sending a message that is over 140 char.  It tells you how many char you have typed, but if you want to type 2000… Read More

Really??  I have to yet again, go into my privacy setting to stop someone or something on facebook doing something I do not want?  Gezz..  So here is the latest.  Seems that your ‘friends’ can check you into a place for you.  Without you being there or even knowing!  WTF??  Ok, so I’m suppose to… Read More

Yup, death of basic auth for twitter part 2.  If you remember, we were going to have basic auth killed in favor of OAuth back in June, and they decided we (they) we not ready.  Fair enough, plus the world cup really put some strain on twitter.  So now we have til the 16th of… Read More

I’m normally not one to get excited about a social media app for the iphone.. ok, I’m almost never excited.  But I just saw Meebo’s new app previews in Techcrunch and what I like is its simplicity combined with multiple account support.  Its seem that this is also pretty darn fast, and that is what… Read More