Really??  I have to yet again, go into my privacy setting to stop someone or something on facebook doing something I do not want?  Gezz..  So here is the latest.  Seems that your ‘friends’ can check you into a place for you.  Without you being there or even knowing!  WTF??  Ok, so I’m suppose to be at work and some ‘friend’ checks me into a party to make it look full?  Or check in LOTS of friends as a way of spreading the word?  Great.  Oh, my girlfriend whats to know why I was at a social meet up yesterday when I said I had to work and could not have dinner with her.  Oh, thanks ‘friend’.  Ug.

Ok, so how to stop it.  Yup, go to your privacy settings and select ‘Friends can check me in to Places’ to Disable.

I’m not a big fan of checking into places and I only check into 4square if I’m meeting people somewhere just to let them know when I have arrived, so the odds of me ever using the facebook check in was unlikely, now even more so.

Good job facebook!

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