This is pretty cool. Not sure when it came out, but its has over 50k fans.  Its a pretty cool little promotional campaign.  You go to this site and it will ask for access to your facebook account. Normally and unlike most of the world, I almost never allow app on Facebook.. Yes I’m a buzz kill, but this was an exception, and it was worth it.

Once you sign in, the app will take your information, mostly pictures, and populate a pretty cool 3D animation using Flash. Yes, again if you are on iPad or iPhone, NO VIDEO FOR YOU!  I will post an animation later tonight or tomorrow.  The one thing I have to do is remove the sounds track.  UG.  When you do this, turn the sound off and play something soothing from your own collection. As you can see from the image at the top, or not, all those little images are from my facebook account.  Coolness.

Check it out.

Ok, Video uploaded.  Sounds reduced but not yet removed. The video is not as smooth as the real experience.  Something else I need to fix.

Check it out below.

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