Just read this off CNET.  Iran is blocking GMail in advance of the demonstrations set for Thursday. But just GMail?  Why not Yahoo?  Or Hotmail? Or other email systems? I would guess they figure cutting just one will disrupt enough communications to accomplish there goal. I’m also sure Twitter and Facebook will get blocked as… Read More

Just came across this new Facebook feature on my iphone today.  I clicked on ‘update’ but did not select ‘overwrite’ .  What this new feature does is take every one of your phone entries and checks to see if they are also your friends on facebook.  If so, they insert the profile image they have… Read More

Wow, talk about lots of stuff.  Having written a twitter client myself, I know the basics you need to use twitter. Then there are the extras… then there is Twittelator Pro!  Gezz.. Everything is in here. Check out the new features.. Recently added features include: Complete Twitter Lists support to create, view, edit your lists,… Read More

What? You never hear of Steve Martin’s ‘The Jerk? Never mind. So the new iphone facebook app is out.  You need to delete the old copy and install it anew until Apple updates its store.  It’s not overwhelmingly great or anything, but its IS better. ‘Couse, everyone is trying out the new app so you… Read More

If you can beat them. Eat them!  That’s right, Facebook is going after Twitter full force now.  Seem that you can now not only update your twitter account from facebook, but all kinds of controls on how its done. From there blog.. “If you manage a Facebook Page, you now will be able to decide… Read More

I put this together pretty quickly in just a few hours, so I’m sure there are plenty of bugs, but I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible. here is the link:  http://www.twittfilter.com/iranElection.php# A problem I have with twitter search during the election is some many RT’ed messages saying the same thing.… Read More

There has been a movement to launch denial of service attached on various iranian pro government sites using standard DDoS tools to simple reload scripts like http://www.pagereboot.com/ Although I can understand the desire to increase the volume of expressed displeasure with the election, I’m not sure this is really helping.  Because the government is already… Read More