This is so funny.  First off, you need to know what this Ocean Marketing fail is in the first place.

tl;dr  This (1man?) marketing shop that represents a game controller failed to keep a customer informed about a shipment date miss.  After 3 times the customer started to get angry about the lake of information.  Then Dave from Ocean unleashed a very poorly written set of emails as him and this customer went back and forth. Customer said he would share this with the web; Dave laughed and said he has tons of connection and no one will listen to him.. He was wrong.

The full story can be read here (venturebeat) and here (penny-arcade – where it started)

So of course, reddit, which helped spread the word, could not leave something this juicy alone, so I present to you; some wonderful meme posters.  BTW, there are Videos as well..

BTW, I’m trying to provide link backs to all the images I find, but I have not idea if they are original or not, so please help me out if a linkback I’m using should be corrected.


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