Apple watch aaand it gone memeShort answer mostly no.  Long answer, there are still watch to be sold to Apple owners, you just have to sell it the right way.  Now even though Apple sold out of their first batch of pre-orders, they did not release any numbers to indicate how many that is.  Some analysts have predicted the company could sell 10 million to 20 million watches this year.  Also Apple sold 10 million of its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones in the first weekend they were available last September, so lets say they made 25% of the watches as to iPhone, so lets just say 5 million were available for pre-order.  This does not count the “Gold” version. For the yellow-gold version, which ranges in price from $10,000 to $17,000 depending on the strap, which was sold out for April 24, then June, and finally sold out, lets go just go with 10,000 units.

Now what can we learn here?  That there are a lot of people willing to spends LOTS of money on a watch?  No.  What we are seeing is lots of people with money buying a “luxury” item. What exactly the watch will or will not do is not quite important.  Since the watch is from Apple it is already assumed to have to best build quality, the best user experience and work the best with the iPhone.  (cough..  with 1 day battery life.. cough cough) But then that does not really matter.  There are watches out there, regular watches, that sell in the $10,000 to $20,000 range, so why not the Apple watch?  When the Apple watch was first released many of the adverts talked about form and function, same when the Apple watch was shown on stage by Tim Cook.  However, as time when on it really seem more about buying a piece of well crafted jewelry than meanly a list of feature and function.

Now I do not know if this was planned all along, or they released after the first reviews that matching heartbeats were not a big deal, but someone somewhere made the call, the right call, that this is going to be a high end luxury item.  And from the impression of how fast the gold Apple Watch Edition sold out they got it right.

Now what does that mean for everyone else?

Remember those numbers we talked about?  There are over 60 millions iPhone users out there and Apple thinks they are going to sell around 10 to 20 million watches.  So lets just go with 10 million units.  1 in 6 iPhone users will get the Apple watch, but 5 in 6 will not.

That means there are still plenty of iPhone users out there that are getting tired of pulling their phones out of their pockets and watch a smart watch, just not something as expensive as what Apple offers. The starter ‘sport’ watch is only $349, which is not too bad, but you can get a Pebble smart watch for half that price.  Also Google is working on extending its Wear system to work with Apple as well.  Once that is does I’m sure there will be plenty of very nice watches for around $200 coming on the scene.

But unless you are a high end designer, I’m afraid the high end smart watch marker for Apple users are basically wrapped up… At least for now.



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