Almost exactly a year in fact I wrote about an Apple smart watch. It makes sense given what can be done with siri. Well now rumors are flying around ( broken by mobilegeeks and  BI ) that Apple is finally getting around to building a watch. Given the move to more portable and wearable computing, as well as cloud based systems, it seems like the next logical step.  I do not imagine it can work by itself short of simple functions that the ipod nano can already do, so you will need an iphone or cell enabled iPad to go with it.

Given the success of the Pebble, except in the actual shipping, still waiting for mine, its pretty clear there is a market for it. In fact, if I did not already have a Pebble on the way, I would be first in line to get this because I can see the advantages right off.  Via voice commands, and assuming tight integration with the iphone, I can start a phone call, or get directions or change music or whatever while driving.  Hands free right there. Also I can see the advantage of not having to pull my iphone out when I get a text message or missed a call, I simply look at the watch.

This is still rumor though, but this time it seems to have some data behind it with information coming out of China for manufacturing. Look for this towards the middle of the year.  I will be.

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