Before I show how to copy friends for facebook to google+, I want to point of 2 things.  First I have tried this Chrome plugin and second I have NO desire to do so.  Something I like about Google+ is its a great opportunity to start over.

{ Update: The chrome facebook exporter has been blocked }

Everyone has been talking about how Google plus is going after Facebook, but I also can see it threaten twitter is some respects because its allow 1 to many relationship as well as allowing people to follow without having to follow back. (at least that is the impression I get with ‘public’ posts)

But for those of you how are always want more, there is a post in GeekWord with instuctions for importing your Facebook friends into Google+.  Again, I will not do this, but hey, knock yourself out.

From GeekWord …

As we mentioned in our previous post, that Google+ is a challenge to Facebook, that already has got millions of users on its network – and according to this statistics average user on Facebook has 130 friends.

So, if you are using both Facebook and Google+ social networks and want to export your Facebook friends to Google+, then all you need is to install this Chrome extension (Facebook Friend Exporter) which is created by a Google+ user Mohamed Mansour.

How does it work?

After installing the extension, an ‘Export Friends’ button will be added to your Facebook toolbar, just click that button and it will begin the process of exporting your Facebook friends.

export facebook friends

Facebook friends to Google +

There are two methods of exporting your friends:

* CSV file (if you have many friends, greater than 500, it will be very slow)
* Gmail Contacts (It will place them into a folder called “Imported from Facebook”)

Simple isn’t it? Please share your views with us about this important extension by commenting in the box below.

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