The Wall Street Journal reported that Google Watch is just a few months away as they reach out to Chinese manufactures.  They also supported the rumor it will run Android integrated with Google Now.  Makes sense of course.  They have been working on Google Now for a while, have it working with Google Glass, so… Read More

I rely on iGoogle.  Its my default page.  I love it because its simple, clean, fast.  Have my RSS feeds, mail, comics and weather.  Its great.  And now Google is going to kill it end of next year.  Damn. So why is Google doing this?  Not to make friends thats for sure.  On the google… Read More

I know, horrible title, but I just could not resist.  As you have been seeing all over the news, Google’s latest doodle is a working simplified Moog synthesizer.  WORKING synthesizer.  For those of us that are old enough, and were in bands, will remember playing with these at one point in time.  My mirage digital… Read More

First off, your not the only person who missed out.  It sold out in 20min.  20MIN!!.  Heck, rock concerts do not sell out that fast. Google I/O has officially sold out! There are no plans to release any additional tickets for Google I/O 2012. We have no plans for Last Call or other promotions at… Read More

We were waiting and the day has came.  Google has opened up the Google+ API. At first glance it seems pretty normal.  Typical Restful stuff. We love the way the programmable web has evolved, so we’re using existing standards and best practices wherever we can: Our API methods are RESTful HTTP requests which return JSON… Read More

This is not a surprise or big news but just another indicated that Google is plodding along with turning Google+ into the success the Google Wave never experienced.  Unfortunately, most of us have to wait around while a chosen few started testing the API set. Here’s the leaked letter Google Ventures sent to its portfolio… Read More

Google has not released an official API yet, however, that does not mean you cannot start playing around with Google+ data.  There are quite a few unofficial API’s.  Here is a list I saw on ‘programmableWeb‘ Google+Tweet: A full featured Twitter client inside your Google Plus Account. Google+Facebook: A browser extension that lets you view… Read More

As I was putting my Google+ circles together, I thought.  Hmmm.. How would Dante do his circles?  Yes I wonder these things.. And here is how his circles would look. Had to do a bit of Photoshop to get these in order.  Then I thought.. how would Dante’s Google+ circles map to today’s grouping?  Actually,… Read More

I just saw this Via Dana Oshiro on NewShelter. I have not really taken to Google+ for the same reason I did not take to facebook.  Too much scrolling.  What i like about Twitter, and still find myself going there first, is everyone is limited to 140 char and replies are not shown by default. … Read More

I guess this is not a surprise. Facebook is blocking people from using Mansour’s Chrome tool for exporting contact info from Facebook. The latest from Mansour is that he is going to try and find a work around. CRITICAL UPDATE: Facebook is trying so hard to not allow you to export your friends. They started… Read More

Vanity URLs for social media. First it started with Twitter, and that was default.  Can be any more perfect then that.  In fact, that is (IMHO) one of the reason Twitter took off.  Facebook followed up and so did LinkedIn.  And now we have I’m not sure if this is sponsored by google… Read More

Actually, I would have thought this would have happened faster, but Geekword has reported that there is an email scam going around.  If you click on this fake google+ invite you will be redirected to some pharmacy site, but one can imagine will not take long till some sort of virus payload it put on… Read More

Before I show how to copy friends for facebook to google+, I want to point of 2 things.  First I have tried this Chrome plugin and second I have NO desire to do so.  Something I like about Google+ is its a great opportunity to start over. { Update: The chrome facebook exporter has been… Read More