I was lucky enough to be turned on to TurnTable.FM when it launched and have enjoyed it off and on ever since.  Last week, when we were planning the final details for VentureBeats Mobile/GameBeat conference, we talked about music.  I suggested we should create a Venturebeat room and let people DJ the breaks!  As it turned out, it was not really needed.

The following week I stopped by iOSDevCamp and low and behold, that was exactly what they were doing.

It think its a great idea to let people DJ and event, party or whatever as long as someone is monitoring the channel. You may want to control who can DJ just in case, but in general, I can see becoming more and more common.

Now what we need is a simple widget that we can put in a webpage. I already emailed Billy and the gang at turntable.fm, we’ll see what they say.